Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New on DVD: Person of Interest

Psychic Deception!
Secrets Uncovered!

Now on DVD
Person of Interest
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"It isn't very often we get a lesbian murder mystery."
" delicious dyke drama!" - Outword Magazine

In an 18 month period three professional women have disappeared from a small New England town. Sheriff Nickie Welles (Elise Rovinsky), who has learned that state budget cutbacks will soon eliminate her job, is determined to find out who's behind these terrible crimes. In an act of desperation, Nickie asks James Hart (Cuyle Carvin), a local psychic, to help solve the mystery before her tenure comes to an end. However, Detective Sandra Franks (Julie Bell), Nickie's lover, believes James is a fake and that her girlfriend is in over her head. James suspects someone is out to frame him for the disappearances. Could it be Sandra? Ultimately their investigation will uncover a terrible secret that will bring them all to the brink.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Valentine's Day Film!

Do you remember your first kiss?

Be Mine
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A sweet story of budding first love that finds a path even in the face of undying shyness.

Mayson (Dan Selon) has been patiently waiting and dreaming of that ever elusive sweet and perfect first kiss. His best friend Robyn (Kendra Thomas) thinks it’s about time he kissed a boy!

Fate steps in when Robyn invites Mayson to a Valentine’s Day party thrown by their friend Eric (Eric Taylor) where they both run into Reiley (Jared Welch), Mayson’s new found crush. Will Mayson and his eclectic group of quirky friends find out if Cupid’s arrow is truly aimed at him…and him?