Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The House of Adam on DVD today!

The House of Adam is released today on DVD form Ariztical Entertainment.

"A severed affair"
-The New York Times
"Genuinely Startling Moments"

Intense, emotional and evoking a riveting supernatural edge,
this tale revolves around “Adam” (Jared Caldwell), a kind-hearted recluse living in a serene small town, who is brutally murdered by a trio of young religious fanatics. Adam’s closeted lover Anthony (John Shaw), a Police Detective, is forced to live with the guilt and sorrow of having kept their relationship hidden from view while living in their cozy but isolated cabin.

Ironically, Anthony eventually becomes victim of his own double-sided values as he is placed in charge of unraveling the murder and unearthing the body of his former lover.

Things take a bizarre turn when an innocent newlywed couple purchases the cabin and Adam’s spirit haunts the premises, making life in their new home a nightmarish and terrifying ordeal.

Will Anthony be able to bring closure to Adam’s spirit and end the new residents’ frightening experiences?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spaced Out on DVD today!

The comical, irreverent sci-fi spoof Spaced Out is released today on DVD from Ariztical Entertainment.

With hilarious cameos by ButchPatrick (Eddie from The Musters), Fred Williamson (Dukes of Hazard), Robert Z'Dar, Cole Williams (8 Simple Rules, Harry & Max), Larry Thomas (Seinfeld "Soup Nazi").

The planet Earth is in peril. Investigative reporter Al Manac (James Vallo) has been held captive by space aliens for two years of tortuous exploratory examinations. Twisted alien terrorists, which threaten life itself, have now beamed him back home in order to force him into doing their evil bidding. Worlds collide in this comic tale of passion, paranoia and probing.

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Karen Williams: I Need a Snack on DVD today!

Karen Williams: I Need A Snack is released on DVD today from Ariztical Entertainment.

Another great stand-up comedy release produced by All Out Films.

Celebrating 25 outrageous, outspoken and out-and-out fabulous years of being in the funny business, Williams fires off wicked riffs about banks holding our money hostage, computers taking control of our lives and the Internet reinventing our intimacy. Regularly seen on HBO and claiming once to have been a sex goddess, the now self-proclaimed “Goddess of Sleep” who’d choose a sandwich over sex, is all out hilarity in high heels that will have you constantly craving for more!

Loaded with more than 50 minutes of DVD extras including interviews, behind the scenes, and extra performance footage.

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