Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Red is the Color Of on DVD today!

Red is the Color Of is released on DVD today from Ariztical Entertainment.

“The performances are uniformly honest and multi-dimensional. This film will linger with you like the memory of a brief, passionate love affair.”
-Moviemaker Magazine
When famous painter Mary Shaw (Irina Bjorklund) becomes intrigued by her artist husband David Stellar's (Peter Franzen) free-spirited nude model, Julie Belle (Eliza Pryor Nagel), the friendship leads Mary to explore her sexuality and spirituality in new ways. Meanwhile, the fragile marriage between Mary and David begins to unravel as both their lives intertwine with Julie's in this absorbing drama written and directed by Anne Norda.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Siren in the Dark on DVD today!

A Siren in the Dark is out on DVD today from Ariztical Entertainment.

This chilling and mysterious film has been compared as a cross between David Lynch's Blue Velvet and The Sixth Sense.

From the creators of the hit films Sideline Secrets and Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets 2.

Cameron, a police officer with psychic ability, is called upon to interview an accused teen in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the teen’s abusive gay lover. His investigation leads him into a sordid tale of rape, drugs, sexual obsessions and a mysterious man living on a deserted mountain road. This handsome but deadly siren is a seeker of the lost and the lonely and preys on their addictions. Has the abusive lover met his end? Is the accused himself even among the living? In the end not even Cameron may be safe from the deadly Siren in the Dark.

2 versions available. The regular version and an unedited director's cut.

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